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  • Google Hummingbird: A Search Technology Milestone

    Google Hummingbird with wings spread in mid flight

    ‘Hummingbird’ is Google’s newest public issued search-algorithm update.  The Google Hummingbird update aims to answer a person’s spoken request, much like Siri or iPhone.  As a marketer it represents the potential to be a trusted reference, and a first stop for advertising directly into an online searchers’ ear. We all like faster and more precise […]

  • Semantic Web & Authorship

    New technologies

    Search engine algorithms are becoming increasingly sophisticated and complex in order to deliver better and more reliable search results to online users.  Online search results are focused on acquiring more relevant online information, more efficiently. Two major ideas driving the development of internet search to be more relevant and efficient are the semantic web concept […]

  • Difference between Website Structure and Website Design

    Website Design Template

    Designing a website can be tough and complicated. For those of us new at this, there are many buzzwords getting thrown around that are only known to experts. It is important to know these terms, otherwise, you might end up with a product completely different than what you expected. Two such terms are website design […]