Get Started With Google AdWords

Google Adwords allows advertisers to place advertisements on Google, other search engines and partner sites across the Internet.  It’s faster than SEO, and the only way to ensure an advertising message is prominently displayed to internet search traffic.  The best part is that a new advertiser can begin running highly targeted ads on AdWords within minutes of signing up.

First Steps

The first step to using Google AdWords is to sign up.  Navigate to (the link opens in a new window).  Our advice is to create a new Google account and associated GMail email address to use with AdWords and other Google products such as Analytics and Webmaster Tools.  Remember, always use a secure password!

After you have created your new Google account and logged into AdWords the interface will help you create your first advertisement, target your online audience, and enter in keywords that trigger your online advertisement.  Before you can start running ads on Google and parter sites, enter a daily budget and your method of payment.  For cost conscious advertisers, don’t worry – there is no minimum budget, the amount you spend on advertising is completely up to you.

Check out this video from Google for more helpful AdWords tips.