Bing Ads Replaces MSN adCenter

Early September 2012, Microsoft adCenter was renamed Bing Ads.  This name change reflects the work put in by Microsoft to revamp their advertising platform by standardizing their search platform to closely mimic Google AdWords.  Second, perhaps more importantly, this move positions them favorably to gain extra momentum from the success of their search advertising partnership with Yahoo!

Noteworthy to mention is that prior to officially unveiling Bing Ads, Microsoft announced that their online advertising network would be called ‘Yahoo! Bing Network’ and then almost immediately redacted the statement. Interestingly, however, if one visits the official website of Bing Ads, the  ‘Yahoo! Bing Network’  name is prominently shown above the login area.

Along with the name change there have been several improvements to the MSN advertising platform, such as a: new web interface, improved control over automatic ad rotation, and new advertising tools that help agencies better manage multiple accounts.  It seems as if Microsoft’s team listened to its customers and made numerous improvements, which in turn can only improve the overall landscape of online search and provide better service to the online public.  For more details visit the Bing Ads Blog.