AdWords: Google Display Network Playbook

Google has released a new tool to help online marketers get more out of display network advertising, called “The Google Display Network Playbook for Performance Marketers” (Playbook).  The Playbook is 37 pages (PDF format) and can be downloaded here.  The guide promotes the use of the Google Display Network (GDN) to reach your target audience when they are online, at work, at home or when they use a mobile phone or tablet.

The information that the Playbook presents is aimed to help advertisers better understand the opportunity that the Google Display Network represents.  In short, Google would like advertisers to know that there is no better way to broadly or narrowly advertise online than through AdWords.  There are many compelling studies referenced throughout the Playbook to back this point up.  The studies themselves are valuable to marketers and highlight emerging information about online trends, such as:

  • the growth in the amount of time spent online by consumers,
  • the importance of reaching a consumer at the point of relevance,
  • and case studies to illustrate proper campaign structure & performance measurement tools.

The Playbook is well worth the read for both seasoned and new online marketers.  New internet marketers should know that the Playbook is not a step-by step manual, rather,  the guide expects the reader to have a certain level of knowledge about AdWords and the Google Display Network.

If you are seeking an entry level book about how to set up display network campaigns, this guide does help, but you may end up with more questions than answers.  Conversely, if you are a seasoned online advertiser or frequently need to explain to clients the value of display network advertising then this Playbook is an excellent resource.

All in all, ‘The Google Display Network Playbook” is a quick and interesting read, that aims to help advertisers get more from AdWords.