AdWords: Enhanced Sitelinks For Everyone

Enhanced site links are an important and exciting update to Google AdWords that rolled out in February of 2012 and is now globally available to all AdWords advertisers.

Sitelinks Improve Ad Copy

Sitelinks are a powerful ad extension available through the AdWords platform, which allows online advertisers with active PPC ad copies to present additional information to online searchers in the ad copy, while simultaneously directing them to specific pages on their website should they click on the sitelink.

The use of sitelinks has been shown to help online advertisers improve click through rate (CTR)  and gain valuable additional digital real estate on Google’s search engine results page.   Let’s review the value of sitelinks before moving on to enhanced sitelinks:

  • Sitelinks give AdWords advertisers more advertising options,
  • Sitelinks can contribute to significant increases in click through rates,
  • Sitelinks expand the size and digital real estate of ads on search engine result pages, and
  • Sitelinks present more information to interested internet search traffic.

A image of an AdWords text advertisement with sitelinks and ad extensions

Enhanced Sitelinks Further Improve Ad Copy

Enhanced sitelinks are a major improvement over standard sitelinks.  Although technically the same feauture, enhanced sitelinks automatically incorporate additional text below an advertisers existing sitelinks once specific criteria is met.  They work by pulling text from other ad copies found within the same advertising campaign as the original sitelinks.  In other words, additional lines of text display below a sitelink, only if the Google algorithm identifies other ad copies in your campaign that are relevant to specific sitelinks.

It basically allows online advertisers to have relevant text automatically pulled from other ad copies in the campaign and placed within the current ad copy on display on the search engine results page.

The AdWords algorithm automatically configures the additional text beneath the sitelinks, if all relevancy & other requirements are met. Remember, in order for enhanced sitelinks to display, advertisers’ need to have other text ads present in their AdWords campaign that are relevant to the sitelinks in the current ad!

To reiterate,  advertisers who wish to use enhanced sitelinks must have:

  • paid ads that show above the organic search results,
  • sitelinks need to be set up for the campaign,
  • there must be additional ad copies in the campaign from which the current ad is being pulled,
  • those other ad copies in the same campaign must be highly relevant to the sitelinks on display in the current ad copy, and
  •  the AdWords engine will automatically do the rest of the work for you!

If you are an online advertiser who is not yet using sitelinks there is no better time to start.  To make the best use of enhanced sitelinks, advertisers must always keep in mind that enhanced sitelinks utilize text from ad copies found in the same campaign as the ad copy in which the site links are currently displayed.

Online advertisers who actively update and continuously optimize their ad copy through testing will see even greater returns.  If you would like our CHEGO team to review your account or help you to begin to use the more advanced features in AdWord just drop us a line or give us a call.  We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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