AdWords Express, Now with Call Reporting

Google AdWords Express added the option for Call Reporting this week, which is big news in the industry.

It not only allows AdWords Express users to connect the dots between online and offline customers, but it also allows the AdWords Express user to better understand how online sources drive new business.

Call Reporting has been a feature in AdWords, which is the more advanced interface by far when compared to AdWords Epxress, since November 2010.  Google’s Call Reporting system measures phone calls made directly from the AdWords advertisement.

How It Works

How the Call Reporting feature works:

  1. An online advertiser enables ‘Call Reporting’ in the AdWords Interface.
  2. The AdWords system automatically substitutes the phone number you use in your ads with a toll-free Google number.
  3. The new toll free number then forwards all calls to your true business number and reports the number of calls that your advertising efforts produced.

We expect that AdWords Express customers will benefit greatly from this welcomed addition to its interface.

In addition, searches for local businesses are more likely to produce calls from the Google+ Business page. This is not to say that if you enable Call Reporting a business will automatically receive more calls. Rather, a business will be able to easily track calls from customers that do find them on Google and call the phone number embedded in the ad copy.

Best of all, call tracking works across all devices including desktop computers, tablets and smartphones!

Extra Visibility

This new Call Reporting functionality in AdWords Express, which has been present in AdWords for almost two (2) years now, provides much needed extra visibility into the effectiveness of an AdWords Express campaign without the need for advanced tracking tools that small and local businesses may not need or be able to afford.

In short, it helps identify whether a business using AdWords Express is having any success with its online marketing efforts.

Currently, Call Reporting is available only for U.S. businesses using AdWords Express, not foreign / international AdWords Express users.

Google Call Metrics Video Overview