What is AdWords?

AdWords is Google’s Online Advertising Platform

It can take years of work to achieve top placement in Google’s search engine results for those ideal keywords that online users use to look for your products or services.  Once entered in Google’s search engine, it’s these specific keywords or string of keywords that trigger your online advertisements.

With AdWords, a business can gain online visibility for desired key words and category terms, in almost no time at all.  This new found visibility has the potential to attract new customers and visitors to your website almost overnight. In short, AdWords helps businesses advertise across Google search engine results pages and the entire Google Network, which includes sites like: Ask.com, AOL.com, YouTube.com and many more.

AdWords Provides YOU with the Control

Best of all, did you know there is no minimum budget required to use AdWords? Or that you can advertise at a time best suited for you or your business? You can also at any time turn off advertising with just the click of a button!

With Google AdWords it is all up to you as the advertiser.  You control practically everything!  To sweeten the deal, AdWords includes all the tools that an advertiser needs to get started.  Implement conversion tracking to discover return on advertising spend, use the Keyword Tool to discover new keywords to bid on, discover the level of advertiser competition on specific keywords, approximate traffic and cost-per-click information, etc.  Everything is pretty much at the tip of your fingers.

Find out more about AdWords and how it can help your business be found online by watching this video.

We saw in the video that AdWords is an ideal solution to reach potential customers, for both large and small businesses.  AdWords allows you as advertiser to customize your online campaigns based on factors such as, time of day, day of the week and geographic location, in order to reach narrow and broad target audiences and acquire new business online.

Since you have complete control over budget spend, feel free to spend as much or as little as you want.  Remember, you only pay when someone clicks on an ad and actually lands on your site as a visitor.

AdWords has many tools that can help you capture more clicks thereby gaining more customers.  Discover ROI-focused tools, such as: automatic conversion optimization, create re-marketing campaigns to bring back online traffic that has left your site, advanced reporting and more.

AdWords Express

If you are a small or local businesses and find AdWords to be too much for your online needs then simply try AdWords Express, AdWords counterpart.  AdWords Express is available for businesses that have a physical store front.  The key benefit of AdWords Express over AdWords is the ease of use of AdWords Express, as it is automatically managed and does not require constant manual maintenance. This even goes for keyword selection.  Best of all, AdWords Express can typically be setup a lot quicker than AdWords.

Your customers are searching for you online, be found.

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