AdWords Checklist For 2013

We wish everyone great success in 2013. That said there is no better time to start advertising online. Google AdWords offers clients a wealth of options that, when utilized correctly, are sure to drive success. So what do you need to know to get started?

  1. Even if you don’t have a website you can still use AdWords to drive new business.
  2. AdWords is easy to setup and AdWords Express is even easier!
  3. You can track calls, leads and even coupons to accurately measure success.
  4. AdWords lets advertisers gain online visibility right away.

That’s right, even without a website advertisers can drive business with AdWords. It is a great option for small and local businesses to inexpensively gain an online presence.

How to Start On AdWords Express

Here is how to advertise on Google with out a website; go to Google Places and claim your business listing on Google for free!  The entire process takes about 10 Minutes. After you have claimed your business listing you will be eligible to use AdWords Express.

Want to know more about AdWords Express? AdWords Express is an automated but powerful advertising platform specifically designed for small business owners. What makes AdWords Express a great option for advertisers who are just starting is that Google does all the work for you.

Simply put, a traditional AdWords account requires a lot of work to create. There is keyword research, ad copy to write and much more. AdWords Express allows advertisers to simply enter in their business category and the rest is done for you.

If you want to get started with AdWords, contact us and we will help you setup your account. By choosing CHEGO, we will throw in a $100 AdWords coupon (limited to new accounts only). If you don’t see results in your first hundred dollars of spend, it will be a first for us as we have never seen a lack of success with internet marketing.

For businesses large and small Google provides robust advertising solutions.  The experts at CHEGO know. For years we have helped companies profitably drive leads sales and grow online awareness.  Out of all of the tools in out marketing kit AdWords is our #1 recommendation to drive business online.

Make your 2013 New Years resolution to drive more business a reality.  Contact the professionals at CHEGO to learn more.