Mobile-Friendly Website Tips

To create a mobile-friendly website, your first step is to optimize your website’s analytics. Why? Because before you do anything with your website, it is important to know how many people accessed your site during a specific period.

Take some time to identify your online target audience, specifically focus on factors such as: demographics, geography, seasonality, etc.

Next, think how does your target online user search? By particular company or product based on brand awareness? Or would it be a more general inquiry in the research stage or a local search based on proximity?

Optimize your Website for Smartphones

Once you’ve identified your target audience base, also ask yourself how do your potential customer or clients search? Do they search on a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile platform?

Man Walking With His Video Smartphone

Smartphones are increasingly the device of choice by people everywhere. Of course, your website should work across all devices, not just mobile devices.

A rule of thumb is to make sure your website is designed to respond dynamically across all types of mobile platforms. It should display uniformly across all devices, regardless the size of the device. Why? Because the content is the same on all devices; it just happens to be arranged differently depending on the display platform.

Responsive Website Design

If content varies depending on the device, creating a separate website just for mobile should be part of a more advanced online marketing strategy. Otherwise, use the same content, just create a responsive design for your website to display content appropriately depending on the device.

Also, remember that your landing pages need to be optimized for mobile as well. Use large buttons for click to call; if you have a form, make it very short and easy to fill out on a phone.g on the display.

Don’t forget that a 1/3 of all paid search clicks will occur on mobile devices. Best of all, at the time that this article was written, ad rates were lower on smart phones than on desktops, yet the click-through-rate (CTR) on average was twice as high on smart phones.

Creating Content for Mobile Devices

Creating mobile content is extremely critical for success online, it’s just like for any device – content is king! Try to create videos you can share, such as product demos. Include screen shots, sneak peeks, and useful information for new customers or clients.

Don’t forget we are in the 21st century, consumers expect the companies they do business with to have a mobile-friendly website. Make it a top priority, put aside time and speak to a professional, even if just for a mere consultation.

Good luck on developing a competent mobile online marketing strategy right for your business objectives and target audience. If you need any help, give CHEGO a call.