Predictive Search Engine Results Through Google

A hand witha magnifying glassIn today’s business world, everything seems to happen at the speed of light or even quicker. Everything is about speed and efficiency. It is becoming increasingly important to save seconds wherever possible. One of the more interesting developments in quick efficient results is the development of predictive search by Google .

Google Algorithm Development

Predictive search was unveiled by Google in late 2011. Predictive search is a complex and sophisticated search algorithm that does exactly what its namesake states. Predictive search, in the context of this article, attempts to predict what online searchers are looking for as they type in search queries into the search engine in real time.

Individualized Online Search

Currently, predictive search only takes into account the letters and numbers used. However, Google is planning to have it consider much more factors as it Google continues to develop it search engine algorithm. The next phase of predictive search will take into account the popularity of certain words or phrases on the given day or time, in addition to the letter combination.

Eventually, Google hopes to individualize predictive search, similar to ad space nowadays, such that it will take into account the searches past searches, interests, and other personal information identifiable specifically to the logged-in online user or registered device.

Faster & More Accurate Search Results

The main purpose of predictive search is to save people time and provide search query results based on identified preferences or “search history” unique to that individual. Google discovered that while using traditional search algorithms, users spent on average 9 seconds entering the term or phrase to be searched, then the search engine spent roughly a half second delivering results, and then users took about 15 seconds to choose an option.

Predictive search, on the other hand, produces potential subjective options in real time that attempt to cut to the chase. Google estimates that predictive search will save people roughly 11 hours annually, just from usage of their engine.

Search Device Technologies

However, Google hopes to expand the service beyond just that of Google related products. Google hopes to have other products buy and start using the service. For instance, Google recently unveiled a partnership with Apple, where iPhones, iPads, and iPods will have predictive search algorithms for searching through the devices. Furthermore, Google hopes to couple the predictive search technology with voice recognition software to further speed up the process.

Google Now

Google Now logo

Furthermore, Google offers a service called Google Now, which is an algorithm that determines what people want and delivers them that information without them having to search. This service delivers sports scores, emails, and weather, among other information depending on what the algorithm thinks that the user might want at the given time. This is a service that comes standard with Android phones for the past two years. Recently, Google has rolled out this service for iPhone and iPad users.

Predictive search is Google’s latest and greatest idea. They continue to be at the forefront of innovation and continue to distance themselves from the competition. Predictive search is the way of the future and utilizes all of Google’s best technology to deliver information to users faster than ever before. In a society where time is money and fast results make a difference, this is an incredible idea. Just ask users, who rave about its performance and usefulness. Now the pressure is on Bing and Yahoo to implement predictive search, as they are quickly losing the battle for internet supremacy, and are likely to be swallowed up by Google.