Predictive Search and SEO?

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, means creating a website that is optimized to show up in natural search results as the most relevant result for the searches you intend your website or landing page to show up for without direct paid advertisement.

100% Visibility, All the Time?

Although there is only one way to be visible 100% of the time in search results, which is only through direct paid search marketing (i.e. AdWords), having both organic and paid search results greatly improves overall online visibility.

So, how does the algorithm of successful natural, organic SEO-driven search results look with ever increasing effects of predictive search?SEO is also used for a more broad array of reasons, such as research and reputation management, while paid search is typically used to sell products or services.

The acronym SEO with Rank arrows pointing up.


Impact of predictive search on SEO

At a glance:

  • Potential shift in organic traffic from long-tail to mid-tail and head terms
  • Best practices of SEO will remain as unchanged
  • Consolidation of keyword pack and new types of buckets
  • Keywords in Google suggest will carry more importance
  • Potential boom for big brands with lots of content and resources
  • First page and top positions hold even greater importance than ever before

Today’s SEO is rooted in offering actual value in organic search results through relevant and up-to-date content, expected user behavior and popular search trends; rather than past unethical creation of incoming links that the site never truly deserved


SEO Strategies

SEO strategies focused on content creations, will be able to successfully optimize websites for having relevant, credible content that user finds satisfying. Google is aiming for optimal web browser satisfaction on a person-to-person level with their predictive search model.

Content Creation

By adapting SEO strategies to focus more on content creation and innovative means to keep the content up to date, will be a game changer for any website that does a better job than its competition.

Predictive Search

The predictive search model change and focus on ethical best practices for optimal search results, is a huge opportunity for websites to thrive.

A big piece of the puzzle is the information, resources and time needed to create the content that answers the search query, which in turn must be the most relevant and accurate search result possible based on user expectancy, among other variables.

Any SEO efforts with a sound content development strategy is likely to benefit from the predictive search engine model, as the structural desire to bring relevant, valuable content to users is mirrored in numerous ways, such as with Google Instant (feature which displays the popular search trend variable).