Enhanced AdWords in a Nutshell

A diagram that shows the account structure of AdWords, top down, Account, Campaign, Ad Group, Ad & KeyordAdWords should always be known as the core service which made Google an online success. AdWords originally allowed for advertisers to pay premium prices for coveted spots while a user was searching online for similar results. Eventually, Google opened bidding on AdWords to everyone, and the rest is history.

Enhanced AdWords Campaigns

Recently, Google unveiled what they call “Enhanced AdWords Campaigns.” This is quite an ingenious idea on Google’s part to improve search efficiency. Both online advertisers and users benefit from this recent feature upgrade as it gives them new options to choose from and more specificity.

Effective Online Advertising

The Enhanced AdWords Campaign is designed to make online advertising campaigns more effective. It is well documented that Google tracks a considerable amount of information about their users, from websites visited, to location, and including what type of device the user is using.

The Enhanced AdWords Campaigns lets business advertising on Google to take advantage of this compilation of data by giving them more options when they are bidding on search page position through Google. The net effect of this is that online advertising on Google will be far more cost effective.

Better Search Results

For instance, under the original AdWords campaign, every business had to compete for the spot; so, naturally, the larger companies always got the best search engine real estate because of their greater fiscal resources.

However, under the Enhanced AdWords Campaign, small business are going to be more successful because they have the option to bid for far more specific searches, such as when a person is using a mobile device within 5 miles of the business location, during operating hours.

Obviously large companies will tend to be less aggressive in bidding for certain types of spaces, especially in small and rural communities. Most likely they are going to bid for the more general search terms or root level keywords.

Therefore, the small companies can compete and advertise more effectively on Google for what make sense for them.

Use Your Online Advertising Resources Wisely

a wall of targets all of the targets are grey with the exception of a single red target to the right.

What does this mean for your AdWords account and campaign?

It means that you must create a more dynamic and focused advertising campaign. As a business, you must determine how best to use your resources towards internet advertising.

If you are a larger company, you might want to only focus on spending your resources towards the generic search term, but if you are a small company, you are going to want to direct your resources toward the most specific search as possible. Campaigns are going to be slightly more expensive before. However, the benefits reaped are going to worth the investment.

Reaching Your Target Market

Enhnaced AdWords Campaign feature is leveling the playing field for internet advertising and both sides of the advertising equation are winning. Users are getting a more specific and personalized search result based upon an aggregation of data about them, and businesses are able to better focus their resources towards reaching their targeted market.

Whether you are ready for the change or not, it has already arrived. All that you can hope to do is adapt and excel. The Enhanced AdWords Campaign is here to stay, and will help every business, small or large, if they know how to use the service properly.

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