About Us

What is CHEGO?

CHEGO is a growth market, online marketing and advertising agency for the 21st century.

What services does CHEGO, Inc. offer?New-Dawn-Victory-Chego-Internet

CHEGO offers a host of online services from full agency online marketing, including strategy & creative, to training and consultation; all custom designed specifically for your needs or goals.

Our core online marketing services are:

  • Cost-Per-Click Advertising (CPC),
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM),
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO),
  • Analytics Reporting,
  • Website Design,
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM),
  • Local Online Strategies,
  • Online Competitive Analysis,
  • Online Audits, and
  • Content Generation Strategies.

How is CHEGO unique?

From our foundation, to our long term goals – CHEGO is unique in many ways.

1.  Agency Services & Packages.           

We give our clients the freedom to choose between a traditional or premier online marketing model and a strategic consultative online marketing approach.  Our goal is to make online marketing solutions possible for all types of clients and a wide range of budgets.

Under the traditional or premier online marketing model, our strategists tailor custom packages or specific services based on a client’s particular type of business or reason for being online.  Upon mutual understanding, we implement the internet strategy selected and perform the work required to achieve that particular client’s online goals.  A traditional model allows our clients to focus their energy and time on what matters most to them (i.e. running a business), secure in the knowledge that their online presence is in safe, professional hands.

Through our strategic consultative online marketing approach, clients are able to benefit from our industry knowledge, while maintaining full control of their day-to-day online marketing operations.  Basically, we get involved and stay involved on an advisory, training or consultative basis, to the level desired by the client.  A consultative approach helps our clients get an edge up on the competition, without the need to outsource.

2.  Professional Education & Experiences.

Our team truly sets us apart.  Besides the many years of experience in the online marketing industry, our team members boast a wide range of skill sets.  From upper level degrees to varied real life business experience, our diversified team has the knowledge and experience to get the job done.  Moreover, we do not stop there.  We stay on top of industry trends and cutting edge releases that affect the online marketplace.  It’s our passion.

3.  Security & Standard Operating Procedures.

From humble beginnings, we understand that data security and disciplined adherence to best practices are of utmost importance.  Our infrastructure aims to protect private and confidential information, which should never enter the public domain.

Our internal Standard Operating Procedures ensure that our work product is of the highest quality, as there is a consistent guideline of online best practices that our team follows and builds upon.  In contrast to other online marketing service providers, we offer a higher caliber of service with advanced protocols and security designed to protect our client’s best interests at every step of the way.

Does CHEGO mean anything?

As to be expected of keyword enthusiasts, CHEGO has lots of different meanings, some created by us.

  1. We are strategic at heart.  CHEGO is the combination of the words, chess and go; the world’s top two classic strategy games, not to mention some of the oldest.
  2. We have arrived.  In Portuguese, CHEGO is the first-person singular (eu) present indicative of the verb chegar.  Chegar means “to arrive.”
  3. Phonetically in Polish, it is used interchangeably for “why” or “what,” but only when used informally in a casual setting, spelled “czego.”  Czego nie wykorzystujesz z internetu?  Why are you not taking advantage of the internet?
  4. In Korean, CHEGO means, “the best.”  We try to be the best at what we do.
  5. Last, C4H2 E g O2 Inc., is the full name and contains all of the elements needed for life on Earth.  We are all about life online.™

What type of clients does CHEGO work with?

Our goal is to make online marketing available to everyone.  At the same time, we provide professional proposals based on hard data, which provide our clients with realistic budget expectations they can be comfortable.  From their we focus on goals, such as: branding, return investment (ROI), cost per acquisition (CPA), and other objectives.

We work with all types of clients, from businesses to individuals.  With respect to business clients, we are able to assist all types of businesses with their online marketing needs: local, regional, national and even international.  With respect to personal clients, we are also able to assist most individuals in their online ambitions.

Where is CHEGO located?

CHEGO’s main office is located in NYC, New York.  At the same time, since we are an online business our business may take us to any of the fifty states in the nation or overseas.