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Google Hummingbird with wings spread in mid flight

Google Hummingbird: A Search Technology Milestone

‘Hummingbird’ is Google’s newest public issued search-algorithm update.  The Google Hummingbird update aims to answer a person’s spoken request, much like Siri or iPhone.  As a marketer it represents the potential to be a trusted reference, and a first stop for advertising directly into an online searchers’ ear. We all like faster and more precise […]

New technologies

Semantic Web & Authorship

Search engine algorithms are becoming increasingly sophisticated and complex in order to deliver better and more reliable search results to online users.  Online search results are focused on acquiring more relevant online information, more efficiently. Two major ideas driving the development of internet search to be more relevant and efficient are the semantic web concept […]

eyword Research and planning

Relevant Keywords for your Website

When building a website, probably the most important goal once your website has been built is to drive traffic to it. This can seem like a frightening task, especially if you are a novice. Do not worry; it is simpler than it sounds. Most online traffic that lands on a website is delivered through search […]

Enhanced AdWords in a Nutshell

AdWords should always be known as the core service which made Google an online success. AdWords originally allowed for advertisers to pay premium prices for coveted spots while a user was searching online for similar results. Eventually, Google opened bidding on AdWords to everyone, and the rest is history. Enhanced AdWords Campaigns Recently, Google unveiled […]


Predictive Search and SEO?

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, means creating a website that is optimized to show up in natural search results as the most relevant result for the searches you intend your website or landing page to show up for without direct paid advertisement. 100% Visibility, All the Time? Although there is only one way […]

Content Variation for Predictive Search

At the heart of any successful website and online market strategy is quality and relevant content.  Content is increasingly more important for many reasons, but the need for variations in the same type of content is an advanced online marketing concept seldom discussed. This article will discuss an important change occurring in search engine models […]

Predictive Search Engine Results Through Google

In today’s business world, everything seems to happen at the speed of light or even quicker. Everything is about speed and efficiency. It is becoming increasingly important to save seconds wherever possible. One of the more interesting developments in quick efficient results is the development of predictive search by Google . Google Algorithm Development Predictive […]

Online Search Growth

It is evident that online search is growing rapidly among different people, industries and even regions. Some years back, only select groups had the privileges of search technologies (i.e. lawyers, scientists, etc.). Now online search is part of our everyday lives! Increasing Trend Of Online Marketing It is evident that today online marketers are going […]