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AdWords: Enhanced Sitelinks For Everyone

Enhanced site links are an important and exciting update to Google AdWords that rolled out in February of 2012 and is now globally available to all AdWords advertisers. Sitelinks Improve Ad Copy Sitelinks are a powerful ad extension available through the AdWords platform, which allows online advertisers with active PPC ad copies to present additional […]

Google Adwords: New Tools For App Promotion

Do you have an App for Android or OSX systems?  Today there are over one million apps available on the Google Play and iTunes stores.  With so much competition it is essential to stand out from the crowd.    AdWords has recently launched several new app promotion features to help you with increasing app sales and downloads. […]

Get More From Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most robust and functional website analytics programs available today.  There are two versions of Google Analytics: one which is free and adequate for most websites and advertisers needs, the other is an enterprise version for extremely large and highly trafficked websites.  For most advertisers the free version of analytics has all the […]

Get Started With Google AdWords

Google Adwords allows advertisers to place advertisements on Google, other search engines and partner sites across the Internet.  It’s faster than SEO, and the only way to ensure an advertising message is prominently displayed to internet search traffic.  The best part is that a new advertiser can begin running highly targeted ads on AdWords within […]