E-Commerce Only

A golden sale sign that has a backlight passing through it for e-commerceIn today’s unpredictable marketplace, for an e-commerce business to successfully stay ahead of its competition, an advanced online strategy is a must.

A rock solid internet game plan; continuous testing of website and marketing elements; regular internal and external content creation; and adherence to internet marking best practices are only a few of the critical tasks that must be maintained to stay profitable and to have an edge on the World Wide Web.

We at CHEGO work with e-commerce only clients to help them properly structure their paid search marketing accounts and gain an edge over their online competition.

For example, on Google AdWords our clients see:

  • decreasing costs per click month over month,
  • increases in sales, and
  • steadfast or improved position in ad rank.

Additionally, as certified tenured professionals, we pride ourselves on staying up to date on industry news and pay-per-click training from Google’s and Microsoft’s advertising platforms, global leaders in online advertising.

E-Commerce Marketing To The Next Level

Our account optimization team uses advanced strategies to ensure  profitable sales or successful results.

We can even help identify and track offline phone calls back to their originating internet advertising efforts.

This level of granularity allows us to optimize online marketing campaigns for top converting keywords, which makes all the difference between success and failure.

Most importantly, we work with you to improve your sites marketability.  If your site converts poorly or not at all, we work with you to identify and correct the issues plaguing it.  To do this, we review site aspects such as: navigation, search functionality, product page, calls to action and much more.

We design and test new landing pages that boost sales significantly; our landing pages repeatedly increase conversion rates 10%+practically overnight!

In addition, we manage remarketing campaigns to ensure that we maximize Return On Investment (ROI) for our clients.

We design creative online ad banners that: recapture website traffic, increase brand recognition, and offer enticing deals.

Through proper utilization of remarketing technology, we keep our clients’ brand and message in front of hundreds and thousands of online customers, constantly encouraging them to buy.

Rank Higher in Search Engine Result Pages

a bar graph indicating an e-commerce websites' profitability being pushed up by a helpful online marketer.We utilize the data generated in paid online search marketing accounts to help dictate what terms to target and what type of internet traffic closes sales for our clients.  We work with our clients to create an effective e-commerce strategy to capture more paid search traffic, as well as organic traffic.

Our online marketing strategists optimize our clients’ website page by page, craft custom website content creation plans, and incorporate strategies to gain authentic back-links.  The end result is that more high quality internet traffic is delivered to our clients’ sites from pay-per-click and organic search traffic.

Our time-tested and results-proven e-commerce advertising strategies can significantly increase online sales for our clients.  We build online marketing strategies for e-commerce clients that  market anywhere from a few to thousands of unique products.  For e-commerce clients small advertising inefficiencies can equate to the loss of thousands to tens of thousands of dollars of monthly marketing spend. 

Call or contact us to capitalize on our e-commerce strategies.

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