Licensed / Professional Services

A licensed business professional mapping out a plan of attack for his business or professional service.Licensed businesses and professional services are typically held to a higher overall standard than the rest of us, and for good reason:

With greater knowledge or skills comes greater responsibilities and expectations – DC.

Advertising regulations are stricter for these types of businesses as well. As such, our online marketing strategists have created specialty packages specifically designed to meet the internet needs of licensed businesses or professionals that face greater scrutiny due to the nature of their business.

  • Ideal for professionals, such as: lawyers, doctors, accountants, engineers, scientists, dentists, etc.
  • Ideal for licensed business, such as: real estate agencies, armored car services, hearing aid dispensers, ticket re-sellers, health club services, home inspectors, security or fire alarm installers, public notaries, etc.

Marketing for Licensed Businesses and Professional Services

All our online marketing efforts made on behalf of licensed businesses or professionals are of a high caliber.  We understand:

  • the importance of being able to and have the ability to present industry jargon and complex concepts clearly to laypersons;
  • that failure to properly convey an advertising message can have serious consequences;
  • that certain industries or fields have elevated legal or ethical standards, such as lawyers and doctors.

Our CHEGO team is comprised of individuals with upper level degrees and advanced training, not to mention tenured experience.  As a certified agency, we are able to overcome obstacles that most other online marketing professionals may not be competent to understand, let alone handle.

We can help you achieve your online goals.  Can you afford to learn the hard way? 

Business Hand Shake to Work With Other Professional Services

Work with other professionals – CHEGO.

It is common knowledge in our office that licensed businesses or professionals which have acquired, local, state or federal licensing, or earned upper level degrees and training, typically face greater ethical, risk management and legal compliance issues.

Solution: Our internet strategists work closely with you and your team to make sure that your online presence reflects the high standard to which your profession or licensed business is upheld to.

Call us or contact us today to learn more about our licensed / professional services online marketing packages.

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