New Business / Startups

An important initial business decision that must be made by any new business or start up entering the marketplace today, is how to quickly and effectively gain visibility at the lowest cost possible to the business owner.

New businesses and startups face the challenge of promoting a brand, product and/or service. Part of the challenge, is the new business must test and benchmark which advertising practices generate the greatest profit. Once you figure that part out, it’s off to the races!

New Business Online Solutions

A seedling in the hand of a businessman.  The seedling represents a start up or new business.First and foremost, there must be public awareness of the business’s product(s), service(s) or brand.  Without public awareness, it makes little to no difference that a business has a superior product or offers the highest quality service; people need to be informed of its existence.

The idea is to plant the seed in a sheltered and nurturing environment, in hopes it will take root and sprout into a mighty tree for everybody to see.

Internet Strategies for the Digital Age

In today’s marketplace, no longer are traditional advertising methods, such as TV, print or radio, enough to truly gain the level of public awareness needed to succeed.

Online visibility makes all the difference now old and new business alike.

A business with a solid internet presence, advanced online marketing strategies and a clear online message will draw customers or clients to it at a fraction of the cost than through traditional advertising methods and with far better results.

Online Business Development

Remember, just as every business and business owner is unique with specific goals in mind, so is an online marketing strategy.  Our online marketing strategies are customized to reflect specific business goals, which factor in many variables; one such variable being the stage of development a business is currently at.

For new businesses or startups, we at CHEGO offer a customized package tailored for businesses in the early stage of development.  Some package features are as follows:An athlete at the starting line of a race track.  A figurative representation of launching a new business or start up online.

  • Website Development,
  • Professional Inbound Phone Solution,
  • Original Creative Content Creation,
  • Online Branding Strategy,
  • Consultation Services,
  • Online Marketing Strategy, and
  • Budget Projections for Serial Entrepreneurs.

Give us a call or contact us today to take off from the start line and have your business win online.

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