Personal Online Marketing

a collage people connecting to each-other online and promoting their tallent.Personal online marketing strategies and internet agency services for individuals who seek to improve or grow a reputable online presence are now available!

Our online marketing strategies for individuals are designed to monetize and/or grow an active online fan base by leveraging your strengths, such as personality and creativity.


We at CHEGO focus on online personal goal achievement as you see it.  Your personal internet aspirations, your online image, your life – it’s all subjective to how you want to be viewed by others.

Start with a Website

Typically, we at CHEGO start with website implementation, a must have for personal online marketing strategies, which includes the selection of proper formats depending on who you are, what you do and the information that you intend to distribute via the internet.

This package is specifically tailored for individuals, such as: industry experts, information sources, bloggers, athletes, artists, actors & actresses, models, politicians, speakers, producers, authors, musicians, composers, cinematographers, religious figures, deejays, etc.

Our strategists get to know you and your goals, which allows us to identify and recommend an ideal personal internet strategy just right for you.  Even if you have an existing website, our team can help modify and update your platform to meet your personal online needs.

To illustrate services often associated with our personal online marketing package, please see below:

  • Social Media Strategy
    • Facebook
    • Youtube
    • LinkedIn
    • Forum Posting
    • Twitter
  • Monetization Plan
  • Email Marketing Strategy
  • Website Design
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Blog Installation
  • Blog Strategy
  • Etc.

The best way to learn more is to contact us or call us.  Our team can answer your questions and help you customize a package best suited for your particular personal online marketing needs.

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