Traditional Offline Business

A business owner crossing a bridge from offline to online business.

Businesses with little to no online presence risk losing a significant profit share in the marketplace.  Regardless of what you may have heard, a mere website alone does not guarantee online visibility.

Advice: Get with the times, go online!

To truly benefit from the internet as a business, you should be actively engaged in real-time online marketing and advanced internet customer retention strategies.

For a business to survive in today’s marketplace it must bridge the gap between online and offline commerce.

If nobody can find your business, website, or message online – you will not make the sale or capture a lead.  The power, reach and influence of the internet is indisputable, ignore it at your own detriment.

Your competition has an internet presence.

If you own an offline business that does not have an online presence yet, your inaction provides your competition with an opportunity to steer your customers or clients to their own business or website at the exact moment of an online users’ search for your goods or services.

The public at large today uses the internet as their primary source of information. Your competitors diligently work on their online presence in order to create brand and product awareness, facilitate ease of online research and, ultimately, increase sales through direct and indirect online purchases or leads.

It is of critical importance for the health of your business to gain an online presence sooner rather than later.

Further, a business today must actively monitor its online reputation and internet image.  There is a serious risk for negative reviews to go unnoticed and 3rd party internet listings that describe your business inaccurately.  These online variables and much more can inflict serious damage to your business’s bottom line.

Online Visibility Checklist

Ask yourself these questions if you own an offline business and see whether any apply to you.

Keep tally of every “no” that you answer.

Check list with green marker

1) Do you have a website?  Is it error and duplicate content free?  Do you know?

2) Is your site in HTML?  If so, does it follow modern best practices?  Do you know?

3) If yes to the above, is your website actively maintained with new content added regularly?

4) Do you monitor your online reputation?

5) Is your site indexed on Google?  On other major search engines?  Do you know?

6) Do you engage in paid online advertising? Have you ever had your accounts professionally reviewed?

If you answered “no” to three (3) or more of the questions listed above, call or contact us immediately to schedule an emergency internet consultation.

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