Website Analytics Services

Website analytic services is a complex study that focuses on data generated from online user behavior.  Data generated from the back-end of a website is compiled, measured and analyzed into in-house reports.  Simply put, the information derived from website analytic sources is used to understand and optimize websites.

A spread sheet with three dimensional red and blue pie chart and bar graph indicating the success of online advertising efforts.Internet analytics reports determine bottom-line results and returns on investment.  It, also, dictates decisions for online advertising budget spend and provides insightful information on how to drive highly qualified customers or clients to a website.

Sound complicated?  It is.

Make informed business decisions

The inception of the internet has revolutionized advertising across the board. Traditionally, advertising was expensive and impractical for most business owners.  It was difficult to fully track and limited when it came to realizing whether efforts were successful in driving new business.

Today, marketing is a data-driven process with precision tracking available for all online efforts and even some offline efforts.  Best of all, online advertising can be done at a fraction of the price of what it used to cost via traditional advertising methods!

Know your strengths & weaknesses

We at CHEGO help clients fully implement analytic and tracking solutions to verify statistical relevance of generated website data.  On-site web analytics measure users’ behavior while on a website.   For online marketing purposes, the data gathered from website analytics is akin to the holy grail.  It is used to identify strengths and weaknesses of a website and its associated marketing efforts.  Data measured includes information derived from tracking the source of traffic to a website, site conversion, exit pages, time on page and much more.

An example of an important business decision that can be made from the analysis of analytic data is what type of action to take with respect to increasing online sales or leads.  Analytics data identifies the types of landing pages that have the highest frequency of conversions (completed sales or leads) and on which pages site users drop-off in shopping cart or lead form flow.  A huge opportunity exists to improve overall website performance and online marketing efforts when weaknesses in landing pages or cart/lead flow are discovered.

Online Analytics Data

The information generated through the use of analytic data and proper reporting methods is then used to help make actionable online marketing decisions, even for offline advertising efforts.  Being better informed is after all the name of the game, without analytics it’s just risky gambling.

Do not leave the faith of your online success to mere chance, take appropriate steps with website analytic services to make informed business decisions regarding your online marketing efforts.

Examples of analytics data are as follows:

  • Measure Site Traffic,
  • New vs. Returning Users,
  • Visitor Loyalty,
  • Traffic Sources and Referring Sites,
  • a collage of dice on a declining bar graph to the right of the die there is a fading hundred-dollar bill underneath a calculator.Organic Keyword Effectiveness,
  • Geographic Reach,
  • User Pre-Set Language Settings,
  • Site Usage Trends,
  • Internet Browser Program Used,
  • Profile User Interaction with Site Content,
  • Top Exit Pages,
  • Average Time on Site Visited,
  • Average Pages Visited,
  • Bounce Rate,
  • Goal Funnels,
  • Shopping Cart Analysis,
  • Conversion Tracking,
  • Social Media Indicators,
  • and the list goes on.

Call or contact us to schedule time to implement or review analytic data on your website.  We look forward to making a difference for your business.