Online Submission Form Optimization

A common online marketing end-goal is to procure qualified and trackable leads through online form submissions or by driving phone calls to a business.

Phone calls aside, as all it involves is the internet user picking up the phone and placing a call to the displayed number on the site; lead forms require multiple steps and a tiered strategy.

In order to fully capitalize and benefit from any internet marketing strategy which uses form submission to capture qualified leads, lead form optimization must be an ongoing process.

Website Form Optimization

Online submission forms, also commonly referred to as contact forms, tend to vary greatly, from simple single-field email capture forms to multi-step user engagement-flow processes.  As such lead form optimization varies, but the goal is central – harvest or capture quality leads.

To harvest qualified leads, online submission forms are custom designed to collect pertinent contact information of prospective customers or clients.  The information that is filled out on a form qualifies customers/clients and assists in website optimization.

Lead forms which engage users

Online submission forms can be found throughout a website properly designed to engage internet users.  Depending on the strategy implemented, there may even be multiple forms on a single page, all designed for a unique feel or purpose.

The amount or type of information requested by a form and the fields it contains is directly linked to the form type and how frequently it appears throughout the website.

Fill-in-the-blanks lead form-example-for-form-optimization-tipsCommon types of internet forms include:

  • email capture for mailing lists,
  • quote submission to obtain a quote or price,
  • account sign up or registration,
  • contest entry,
  • fill in the blanks (scategories style),
  • contact pages,
  • help ticket requests,
  • etc.

Lead Form Design

In short, contact form design is based on the advertiser’s desired objective, willingness of the user to fill the form out correctly and the balance of the two. Not enough form information and the sales team’s time is wasted, requiring too much information discourages users from filling out the form and lead conversion rates decline.

Less is More

Mini-lead form after proper form optimizationThere are many available tactics that are frequently used when designing forms.  A solid principle to follow is that when building a form – Less is More.  An initial request for basic information before a user is thoroughly engaged is less intimidating and often equates to more completed form submissions.

A basic submission form not only captures a user’s point of contact, but is also critical to the implementation of advanced engagement and retention strategies.

An advanced submission form with more in-depth questions and fields that require more thought or commitment by the customer or client should be asked at a later stage of the data generation process, such as right before a final purchase.

Advanced Online Forms

Advanced-lead form-multi-step-form-optimization

As touched upon, forms and online shopping carts are multi-stepped processes that require tiered strategies and are not single events that require no further action.

Upon an online lead capture, the advertiser still has to take additional steps to qualify the incoming leads. Such as a required follow-up form, an automated email or a phone call requesting more information or a live call.

When lead information is properly gathered through a multi-step process, it actually creates a positive relationship between the customer and business. It instills trust as a result of multiple points of business-customer/client engagement.

Multi-step lead process

A multi-step lead process is beneficial for any internal sales team.  Leads generated through a process enable an advertiser to automatically categorize and prioritize incoming leads from most qualified to least qualified.

Simply put, with less effort you can place the most qualified leads in the hands of the most capable salesperson right away.  It also allows for advanced remarketing strategies, high level lead filtering, email database generation, etc.  Do not make the mistake of overlooking the importance of a fully developed lead capture strategy.

Lead generation

Lead generation is serious business and online forms are an invaluable part of the lead generation process.  Improving online submission forms can be one of the fastest and most effective means to improve the overall performance of online advertising efforts.

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