Social Media Marketing

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Do you hear that buzz?  That’s right, you guessed it – it’s social media.  In a nutshell, social media describes the interaction of millions of people around the world who use the internet to connect with friends old and new.

Social media marketing is the online advertising practice of interacting and engaging with online communities in the pursuit of specific objectives.

Social media should never be confused with social media platforms, these are two different concepts.  In addition, although social media is predominantly used for non-commercial purposes, there are worthwhile opportunities available for businesses to capitalize on social media with the right strategy in place.

Social media is an exciting online development for businesses, as it is often viewed as a free, easy and a high-volume source of qualified internet traffic.  Businesses with successful social media strategies are able to turn customers into vocal brand advocates and drive new levels of online traffic to websites.  It can, also, bolster SEO and PPC efforts at a nominal cost to the business owner.

For a business to truly achieve their goals through social media efforts, meticulous planning and a solid social media marketing strategy is required.

Generate Online Followers

In many ways social media marketing (SMM) may be one of the best ways a business can generate online “buzz” about its brand, product(s), service(s) or other online marketing message(s).

Social media is often used to develop and identify online fans.  It can be incorporated into a customer relationship management (CRM) strategy and provides businesses with an online interactive platform to connect with online communities of people.

Social media strategies can be used to pursue almost any advertising goal and are even flexible enough to be used to pursue multiple goals all at once.  It can:

  • connect businesses to customers, 
  • improve customer relations, 
  • supplement link building efforts, 
  • drive online traffic to websites ,and 
  • help advertisers stay in front of registered social media participants.

Stay Connected with Social Media Marketing

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Nearly everyone uses social websites to varying degrees.  Many of the best blog and news websites today use social media to aggregate posts, articles, and Wikipedia (a socially created encyclopedia) is a resource relied upon by millions of people every day.

People use social media platforms to stay connected.  Business professionals network on sites like LinkedIn or gather data from sites like  Search traffic finds answers to their questions on sites like Yahoo Answers and

The point is that there are social media websites for every human interest that exists today.  Savvy advertisers use advanced strategies to capture internet traffic found on social media sites to drive themselves business.  One thing is for sure, social media cannot be ignored and businesses should immediately establish an online presence on appropriate internet platforms.

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