Social Media Defined

How social media is defined is subjective and dictated by the business model and advertising objectives of a business.

Before a business engages in internet social strategy, it is imperative a business first have a firm grasp and clear understanding of its online goals.

Any confusion about what social media is, often arises due to dissemination of misinformation by non-experts who erroneously believe what they say is true.Silhouette head with social media cloud on white background.

Social Media Platforms

It is easy to understand why there is a great deal of misinformation regarding social media. Online social platforms propagate information across media channels to boost their brand image as online social powerhouses.

WARNING: Advertisers should note and keep in mind that social media platforms are currently a multi-billion dollar industry. To complicate issues further, many people who regularly use and interact on social platforms feel that they are experts, when they are not.

True social media experts will be able to integrate an appropriate social strategy that works in conjunction with other more important online marketing strategies.

Types of websites

Social media platforms are sites like Youtube, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Pintereest, Google+, LinkedIn and the list goes on.  These online social platforms are websites that enable social interaction online.

General examples of types of websites that promote social interaction online are: news and blog websites, forums, social bookmarking sites, community run Q&A sites, information sites like Wikipedia, community activity sites like, and online review sites such as

Social Media Marketing Strategies

Social media marketing (SMM) strategies leverage social media platforms for advertisers to realize online goals and reach target audiences with specific messages. Simply put, use social media, but don’t get used by social media platforms.

The most successful SMM strategies are those that enable a business to reach and engage online communities. There is no general strategy that can be universally applied to guarantee the success of social media efforts.

Further, without the know-how of other interrelated online marketing specialties it is nearly impossible to gauge the success of social media efforts.

Use analytics to improve social media

Social media efforts are mostly conducted on external sites which hinder the ease of data gathering, otherwise known as analytics.

ocial media keyboardWebsite analytic strategy is one of the corner stones of online efforts.  The data that is provided through analytics tools enables website owners to optimize their online efforts and website to maximize returns and conversions.  Advertisers should be aware that it can be difficult to measure results of social media.  A proper social media strategy will always integrate analytics.

Due to the complexity of analytics, website owners often hire professionals to make use of website analytics data and track online search marketing results.  This is even truer for social media.

Drive online search traffic with social media

The bottom line is that social media efforts can drive high volumes of traffic to a website at minimal or no cost.  Social media strategies can stand-alone although they are more powerful when combined with other online advertising efforts such as, search engine optimization or paid search marketing.

Put the power of social media to work for you.  Call or contact us to learn more.