Landing Page Optimization

When an internet user clicks a paid advertisement online, they are directed to a webpage on a website, commonly referred to as a landing page.

Need-to-Know Basics

A landing page must be relevant to the search query that brought the search engine user to that landing page in the first place.  It should include a strong call to action that grabs the attention of the user and accomplish the advertiser’s online goals, such as make a sale or capture a qualified lead.

If an internet user lands on a landing page irrelevant to his or her initial search query or the landing page fails to clearly convey the advertiser’s intended message, that user will move on to another site as they did not find what they were searching for.

This is a serious no-no.  The online advertiser paid for the click that brought the user to his or her website’s landing page, but due to a weak or irrelevant landing page was unable to close the sale or capture the lead. In short, money was spent to accomplish an online goal, which failed to be achieved.

Landing Pages That Work

When done right a landing page should meet the best practices guidelines set forth by paid online advertising platforms, such as Google AdWords and Microsoft adCenter, and simultaneously accomplish the online advertiser’s goal.

Importance of Quality Score

A landing page quality score is the numerical grade a page receives in reference to its associated keywords and relevant search terms.

Search engine algorithms weigh many factors to determine proper ad placement and bid costs, one of the most important factors is the quality score of a landing page.  A poor or nonexistent quality score can have a negative effect on online marketing efforts as a whole, such as higher costs for advertising on selected keywords.

A checklist and a green marker.Important landing page optimization factors to consider:

  • Page load times,
  • Relevancy to targeted search terms,
  • Clarity of online message,
  • Enhanced calls to action,
  • Colors,
  • Image selection,
  • Any content or design elements that appear on a landing page.

Ultimately, to get the most out of an online advertising strategy, it is extremely important to properly design and optimize a website’s landing pages.  However, the work does not end upon initial landing page creation; ongoing testing and continuous updates to landing pages is an integral part of a successful online marketing campaign and should continue indefinitely.

Increase Conversions & Decrease Costs

The end-result is a well-optimized landing page, which can decrease advertising costs, significantly increase the overall conversion rate of the website and accomplish online goals, such as drive sales or leads.

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