Advanced Search Engine Marketing: Budget

A search engine marketing budget defines and often limits the scope of a search marketing strategy.

Budget is intrinsically linked to your ad copy visibility on search engine result pages when users search for specific keywords. Basically, budget dictates a business’ ability to outbid its competitors for available online ad space. Different paid search marketing strategies apply based on available budget and finances.

Professional Planning

a pen on top of a monthly expense guidelines sheetTo ensure statistical relevance, a sustainable initial budget needs to be invested for testing and response purposes.

Make sure you are comfortable with the budget, but this not the time to be ultra conservative.

Search Engine Marketing Budget Sustainability

A small budget unfortunately limits the number of keywords that can be marketed effectively and also impacts advanced segmentation tactics, such as:

  • geographic reach of PPC campaigns,
  • day part settings (what days and hours campaigns are active),
  • match type selection when picking keywords,
  • content marketing,
  • remarketing,
  • and more.

Meet ROI Goals

A business with specific return on investment goals or tight profit margins on products or services, must consider what the target cost per acquisition (advertising cost to close 1 sale or 1 lead) is to turn a profit.

A unique and customized professional paid search marketing strategy from CHEGo factors in budget constraints and prepares a business for steady and sustainable growth.

Online Advertising: The Best Use of YOUR Budget

Steady and sustainable growth is best achieved through cost-benefit analysis.  Why?  Because online cost-benefit analysis helps our clients understand which business goals are realistically achievable.

At the end of they day, everything aside, all that really matters is the online advertising budget a business has at its disposal.  This means that a seemingly unlimited budget should never be wasted and limited budgets can compete effectively online.

Some clients of course understand the value of information and opt for us to perform a comprehensive online competitive analysis to gain insight into competitors internet strategies; especially clients in highly competitive industries that have products or services that carry steep price tags.

Budget Recommendations

Budget recommendations should be based on professional research and account-specific analysis.  There are many factors that need to be considered to make fair budget projections and to ensure statistical relevancy of online advertising results.

As such, to appropriately factor budget we calculate the searches per month on client provided keywords, the cost per click, projected click through rates and closing ratios, just to name a few.

Only after we have run the numbers, can we ensure that our paid search marketing strategy is custom tailored to meet our clients’ business goals.

We have created a unique Program that incorporates ongoing budget adjustment and reachable milestones.  It allows our clients the opportunity to truly see the value of what they get with CHEGO.

Find out how much new online business a given advertising budget can drive by contacting our online strategists today and ask about our Search Engine Marketing Program!