Google AdWords

Google AdWords is Google’s primary advertising platform.  AdWords offers advertisers pay-per-click, cost-per-thousand (CPM), and display advertisements on Google owned websites and partner websites in the form of banner, text and rich-media ads. Ads run through the AdWords system can be set to reach international, national, and or local markets.

Direct Marketing

The AdWords system is a form of direct marketing.  It enables advertisers to reach highly qualified internet traffic at the point of search when an online user is actually on the hunt for products or services associated to the search term(s) entered.

When managed correctly, AdWords is one of the most profitable and direct forms of advertisement. Google AdWords is best known for the text advertisements that are displayed on the top and right hand side of search engine results pages.

Online Ads

Online text advertisements that display on the AdWords platform are standardized to a set character limit.  Text advertisements are linked to keywords an advertiser inputs into the AdWords backend interface, which display according to that set up.

The Google Adwords search results page, green arrows point to the areas on the page where ads display

In other words, a search engine user enters a search query and if some or all the keywords entered match an advertisers’ selected keywords, then the text advertisement will display on the search engine results page (assuming everything is set up properly and the budget cap has not been met).

Most Powerful Advertising Platform in the World!

AdWords is used to place online advertisements on the Google Display Network, also commonly referred to as the Google content network.  The Google Display Network advertisements may be text or banner advertisements and  is comprised of millions of websites across the internet.  An internet advertiser may chose to opt in or out of the Google Display Network through the AdWord interface at any time.

Ad Placement

Further, the AdWords system has control features that allow for managed or automatic placement of online ads on the Google Display Network.  Through the use of the automatic placement feature, ads are placed on websites that have content relevant to the keywords and demographic audience an advertiser selects to target.

The managed placement tool, on the other hand, allows advertisers to handpick specific websites from a list of available Google content network partner sites onto which ads will be placed.

Google AdWords Optimization

Google Adwords Logo

As with all Google AdWords campaigns, advertisements can be optimized for specific campaign objectives such as, geographic targeting, day and week parting and even age, and gender.

Keywords that an advertiser selects are modified by match type options and negative keywords.  There are three variations of match types for both keywords an advertiser bids on and negative keywords that limit ad display for more relevant search queries.  The keywords match types are as follow: broad match, phrase match, and exact match.

Key Tools

In addition to keyword controls there are many tools that allow online advertisers to limit the geographic reach, what time and days of the week that ads run, and much more.

The AdWords interface, also, offers advertisers automated bid management and optimization tools that allow for more precise budget control and target internet traffic for impressions or clicks.

Google AdWords may currently be the most powerful advertising platform in the world.  Designed from the ground up to satisfy the needs of modern advertisers, it is a robust and complicated technological solution that connects customers with products or services with increasing accuracy and relevance.

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