Adwords Sitelinks and Ad Extensions

Ad copy enhanced through the use of sitelinks and ad extensions improves paid online marketing efforts greatly. These advanced advertising tools provide search traffic with additional information while they are still on the search engine results page. This feature is unique only to Google through AdWords marketing.

AdWords Sitelinks Benefits

A major benefit of using an advanced search marketing feature such as AdWords sitelinks – is that online advertisers can create internet ads that take up additional space on search result pages.

More space, means more real estate on the search engine results page, which means greater visibility and more clicks.

What are AdWords Sitelinks?

AdWords sitelinks are additional links that show below a pay-per-click ad in Google search results.

Tip: Up to 4 sitelinks can be displayed under a pay-per-click advertisement.  Sitelinks are restricted to 35 characters per sitelink and each sitelink can point to a different destination URL.

Benefit: Sitelinks can be used to provide search traffic with additional pertinent information and influence the end-user to click onto a website in more ways than one.

Google Ad Extensions Benefits

Ad extensions make use of other Google marketing products, such as Google Places, Google Merchant Center, Google+ and Google Voice powers call extensions.  In order to integrate ad extensions into AdWords an internet advertiser must sign up for additional Google products outside of AdWords.

A image of an AdWords text advertisement with adwords sitelinks and ad extensions

Correct Setup

Improper configuration of sitelinks and ad extensions can lead to increased budget expenditure without significant gains.  As with all search marketing efforts, it is recommended to work with tenured professionals to avoid costly pitfalls.

When Adwords sitelinks and ad extensions are setup correctly, it increase the amount of search engine real estate an ad on Google receives and provides an opportunity to present more information to online search traffic.

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