Google AdWords Express

As Google would put it, AdWords Express is “the easiest way to advertise on Google.”  AdWords Express differs from AdWords because Google AdWords Express is managed automatically, while AdWords requires manual setup and maintenance.

AdWords Marketing

The AdWords Express system is designed to help local businesses run ads on Google without the need for difficult set up and constant monitoring, as with AdWords.  Through AdWords Express, the entire process of advertising on Google is optimized to meet the needs of local businesses that have limited resources (time, budget, etc.) to invest in pay-per-click advertising (PPC).

Adwords vs. Express

Before Google released AdWords Express, customers who wanted to advertise on Google had no choice but to use AdWords. The full version of AdWords, although an efficient and feature-rich interface, takes time to learn how to operate due to its complexity.

Even the setup of a Google AdWords campaign requires many complicated steps to be completed by the advertiser, such as:

  • keyword research,
  • bid management,
  • campaign type selection, and
  • much more.

AdWords Express is designed to solve usability issues and make advertising on Google easier and accessible to all.

AdWords Express Advantages – Simple to Use

  1. A significant advantage of using Google’s AdWords Express system is that AdWords Express automatically selects keywords and sets bid prices.  In other words, with AdWords Express the lengthy process of keyword research and keyword selection is taken care of by Google itself; unlike with AdWords which has to be done manually.
  2. To simplify the process even further Google purposefully targets an advertiser’s selected geographic area, automatically makes budget recommendations based on the volume of internet searches as a whole and targets keywords based on selected business category.Local Google Search results page, powered by AdWords Express.
  3. Another advantage of AdWords Express is that after the initial setup of an AdWords Express account there is only a limited need for ongoing account maintenance.  Ongoing maintenance for AdWords Express is mostly comprised of ad copy updates and/or adjustments of monthly budget.

With very little time or effort required to run an AdWords Express account, it is of no surprise how popular AdWords Express has become. However, there are downsides to automated, limited maintenance of your advertising budget.

AdWords Express – Right for your business?

An attractive young business woman holding a pen up, clearly lost in thought about adwords expressKeep in mind, Adwords Express is not right for every business and can actually be the wrong choice!

For the majority of local businesses the AdWords Express platform will enable them to more easily and effectively gain a strong local presence on the internet within their geo-targeted area.

Disadvantages of AdWords Express

  1. One of the most significant limitations of AdWords Express is that it does not track online conversions, which makes it poorly suited for e-commerce based businesses.
  2. Also, although Adwords Express is simpler to use than AdWords, there are still tricks of the trade that must be adhered to in order to significantly improve online marketing results.

A small or local business planning to implement a paid search marketing strategy through pay-per-click efforts should first consult with a search marketing professional to find out which Google system makes the most sense: AdWords Express or AdWords?

Consulting with a search engine marketing professional will ensure that a business picks online advertising solutions that are best suited for that business’s particular online needs.

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