Google Display Network

The Google Display Network (GDN) is where paid advertisements delivered by Google appear.  It consists of thousands of websites and applications (apps); and according to Google reaches 83% of unique Internet users around the world, in over 100 countries and 30 languages.  The Google Display Network is comprised of Google sites and products, plus hundreds of thousands of partner or affiliate sites.

Global Advertising Reach

When online ads are placed on the Google Display Network, it is possible to display them to a wide range of internet users based on interest and subject category.  It is, also, possible for an advertiser to select websites or types of webpages for ads to appear on.

Best of all it is possible to engage online users with eye-catching ad copy format to draw them in to a website and/or create a mental imprint of a brand, product or service.

Target Your Online Audience

Yes, we know it can be difficult to find the right audience across millions of websites. Fortunately, the Google Display Network helps get your message across to potential customers by offering online advertisers tools to target potential customers when they are on the internet actively looking for a product or service.

Three main ways that online advertisements are placed on the Google Display Network are:

  • An abstract figure of a man holds a megaphone before a crowd.Reach users by targeting relevant keywords and topics:
    • Put the Google algorithm to work for you!  AdWords automatically locates sites and pages on the Google Display Network that are ideal online spots to promote your message.  AdWords shows your targeted ads to an audience that is interested in your business and at a time when an engaged internet user is more likely to take action.
  • Managed placement:
    • Google’s AdWords System allows advertisers to place their ads on the websites they feel are best suited to convey their business’s advertising message.  Conversely, it is possible to block your ads from displaying on sites you believe are irrelevant to your product, service or message.
  • Demographic targeting and remarketing:
    • Advertisers can target specific groups of people on websites across the Google Display Network by inputting the demographics of their target audience in the AdWords interface.  Site owners who seek to maximize the results of their online advertising efforts may wish to create a remarketing campaign to reconnect with customers interested in a specific product of service.  A properly setup remarketing campaign places highly relevant customized advertising messages on websites throughout the Google Display Network, keeping potential customers engaged with your brand, product or service.

Ad types on the Google Display Network

Google’s advertisements are most commonly associated with text ads seen in Google search results, but did you know websites on the Display Network can show other types ads that are visually engaging?

A: It’s true, there are multiple ad formats that can be used by advertisers targeting internet users on the Display Network.

Depending on the internet traffic being targeted, search engine users may respond better to one of the following ad formats:

  • Image ads – Creative ads that are image based to draw internet traffic to your website.
  • Rich media ads – Creative ads that may have animated or interactive components and are often flash based.  A unique feature of rich media ads is that if online users toggle and click on your ad they will only be delivered to your website if that is their intent.
  • Video ads – Online video ads that are similar to TV commercials.

Examples of ad formats on websites and mobile application.

Deciding if the Display Network is right for you

The Google Display Network is a great choice for most online advertisers, as campaigns and strategies can be narrowly tailored to ensure online end-goals are met.  Goals that can be reached through advertising on the Display Network are:

  • Sell additional products or services,
  • Gain loyal customers or clients,
  • Engage customers or clients,
  • Increase brand awareness,
  • Etc.

If your business goals are in line with any of those mentioned above, the Google Display Network is right for you.  Give us a call or contact us to reach your target audience on the Google Display Network.