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As discussed through out this website, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is one of the best ways to drive highly qualified search engine traffic to your website.  Although there are many small competitors in the field of paid search engine marketing there are only two main competitors today that provide an effective PPC platform to the online public: Google AdWords and Microsoft adCenter (recently changed to Bing Ads).

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The Evolution of MSN adCenter Marketing

To better understand the importance of the Microsoft adCenter (Bing Ads) platform one must simply take a look at the history of search engines and paid search.  In the early days of search engine marketing, Google was still new to the party, Yahoo! was the search traffic leader and the Microsoft search network was positioned firmly in second place.  In fact, Yahoo!, MSN, and Google are referred to as the big three for this reason.

A walk in the past

In 1998, a company called introduced the radical new idea of Pay-Per-Click marketing to internet advertising.  A few short years later changed its name to Overture, and  both Microsoft and Yahoo! partnered with Overture to deliver paid advertisements on their respective search engines.  Google made its own power move and began to show online advertisements to search engine traffic in the year 2000, effectively taking away market share from Microsoft and Yahoo!.

Yahoo! & Overture

The tide really started to change in 2003, as by this point Google had emerged as a major competitor due to its success in providing “relevant” search results to the online public.  That same year Yahoo! buys Overture in a bid to maintain online search dominance and the beginning of the Yahoo! Microsoft search alliance was formed.  Yahoo! continued to provide paid advertisements to Microsoft search engine result pages via Overture until 2006.

In 2006, Microsoft and Yahoo! parted ways and Microsoft launched the adCenter platform.  In July of 2009, Microsoft and Yahoo! announce the Search Alliance, a new partnership whereby Microsoft would power both search results and sponsored ads for Yahoo! Search.

Diversify Online Traffic Sources

A golden compter in the middle of a ring of connected with computersThe history of internet paid search marketing is important to consider when deciding whether online advertisements should be placed on Microsoft adCenter (Bing Ads) as part of an advanced online marketing strategy.  Since Yahoo! and Microsoft have been around from the start, there are many internet users who continue to use Yahoo!, and MSN Bing. MSN adCenter marketing will capture traffic specific to these search engines.

These users find the information products and services they want and associate the success of their find to those particular search engines. Advertisers serious about capturing qualified search traffic should include Microsoft adCenter marketing.

An advanced online marketing strategy will always include adCenter marketing in order to reach internet traffic on Bing and Yahoo!.

Otherwise you have less impression shares, incomplete demographic reach and lacking all types of important relevant data for online marketing ongoing optimization purposes

MSN adCenter compatible with AdWords

It is, also, important to note that Microsoft adCenter (Bing Ads) works differently today than in the past.  The Bing Ads team made major strides in restructuring their advertising platform to conform to the standards set forth within Google AdWords.

Currently, the online paid search traffic available through adCenter is roughly one-fifth of the overall search traffic available on the World Wide Web.

AdCenter marketing advantages

Best of all, when compared to Google AdWords, Microsoft AdCenter search traffic has a lower amount of overall competition, lower Costs-Per-Click (CPC) and on average higher conversion rates.  All of these factors make advertising through adCenter (Bing Ads) a wise decision.

If a business’s online goals include increased sales, leads, or website traffic, Microsoft adCenter (Bing Ads) can help grow and diversify inbound website traffic to achieve those goals.

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