PPC Ad Copy Writing

A well written, high quality pay-per-click, PPC ad copy can make any online advertisement stand out from the competition.  When done right, ad copy can capture the attention of online search engine users and draw them into a website.

Writing and optimizing ad copy right, makes all the difference!

Ad Copy Writing Format

Sample of PPC ad copy writing formatAlthough the format of an ad copy is small and limited in space, with only 95 characters allowed for the headline and two lines of description, it can be extremely effective in displaying your advertising message.

Important Tips:

Create ad copy that conveys a clear message and, also, has an engaging call to action in the limited space constraints set by search engines.

Write powerful pay-per-click ad copy; it is an art form that can only be perfected through practice.  Trial and error may work, but at what cost?

Improve Ad Copy Performance

Consider this, ad copy performance is directly linked to an advertiser’s cost-per-click (CPC), which makes it possible to measure the success of each individual ad copy and gauge the impact it has on the overall success of an online marketing campaign.

In short, strong PPC ad copy writing will not only drive a business more online traffic and sales, but also simultaneously decrease advertising costs as a whole.

Unfortunately, many businesses are unaware of valuable guiding principles with respect to proper ad copy creation and, thus, miss out on huge opportunities online.

Business can greatly improve the performance of their ad copies through the use of an online marketing professional with expert level knowledge of PPC best practices.

Ad Copy Writing Strategy

Sample PPC Ad Copy writing

Above all, an ad copy should always directly reflect what a search engine user is searching for, no exceptions.  It should, also, be designed to take up more space on the page than competitor ads, have bolded text, and be linked to advanced tools that allow a business to claim additional space on the page.

Another important guiding principle to keep in mind is that there should be a continuous effort to test and introduce different ad copy, in order to increase click-through-rate (CTR).  Continual testing will allow an advertiser to run ads that are custom tailored for both conversion and click-through-rate metrics.

Continue to Optimize Ad Copy

Properly designed ads will increase website traffic and positively impact how well that search traffic eventually converts to a sale, lead, or other online marketing end-goal.

Improving PPC ad copy has been linked to decreased CPCs, increased quality traffic delivered to websites from PPC efforts and an overall better online performance.

Call or contact us to get ahead of your competition through high-level ad copy writing; our strategists are ready to assist you.