PPC Account Optimization

Pay-per-click (PPC) accounts require regular maintenance to truly generate a maximum return on investment, which is commonly referred to as PPC account optimization.

PPC Account Optimization Tasks

PPC account optimization is actually an umbrella term that covers a set of correlated tasks:

  • bid management,
  • account development (adding new campaigns, ad groups, keywords and ad copy),
  • keyword optimization,
  • exclusion practices,
  • etc.

Serious online advertisers with strict return on investment (ROI) objectives will benefit greatly from the optimization services provided by search engine marketing professionals.

Optimize for higher ROI

There are many moving pieces to a PPC account, all of which require ongoing attention that are best accomplished by a search engine marketing professional.  All aspects of a PPC account, from keywords to ad copy, must be continuously improved upon to increase marketing budget efficiency.

PPC account optimization steps range from:

  • turning on and off keywords,
  • rewriting ad copy,
  • introducing new keywords,
  • changing geographic reach,
  • day and week parting,
  • etc.

Often such improvements will increase ROI by significant percentage points.

PPC Account Review

A proper and complete PPC account review may uncover many online opportunities for an advertiser to improve PPC account performance.  PPC inefficiencies commonly discovered through an account review are:

Man while on a phone analyzing ppc account optimization data on computer screen.

The issues listed above are important indicators of deeper PPC account issues when more than one is present.  The good news is advertisers with seriously inefficient PPC accounts stand to have the biggest gains when the PPC accounts are brought in line.

Make gains with PPC

PPC account optimization efforts work best when pay-per-click accounts have been properly structured.  If the optimization efforts an advertiser undertakes are unable to meet profitability goals, it is wise to consult an expert online marketer. 

A PPC account review will uncover new opportunities and wasted budget spend.

Call or contact us to schedule a PPC account review, there is nothing to lose and everything to gain.  We look forward to hearing from you.