Search Engine Optimization

The acronym SEO with Rank arrows pointing up for improved Search Engine Optimization.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is among the predominant online marketing methods used today by successful website owners to drive online traffic to their website.

Out of all the methods used today to drive online traffic to a website, SEO and paid search engine marketing (SEM) are usually the most powerful and cost-beneficial internet strategies.

The main difference between SEO and SEM is that Search Engine Optimization embodies strategies that increase organic search traffic to a site, whereas SEM uses paid advertisements to promote a website.

Rank Higher with SEO

There are a few primary SEO strategies that can be used to increase organic search engine traffic to a website.

a blue figure leaning on a green arrow that points straight up, looking for Search Engine Optimization SEO strategies to lift online traffic.One such powerful SEO strategy is to improve the online visibility of a website in search engine results for relevant search queries.

Another type of SEO strategy builds upon prior online marketing efforts and is the practice of improving website rank in search engine results.

Increase Organic Search Traffic

Each SEO strategy on its own has the potential to exponentially increase online search traffic to a website.  When these strategies are properly combined, jointly-managed and in line with a website’s objectives – the results can be game changing!

Search Engine Optimization is an internet marketing ecosystem with many moving parts to it, however, the end-goal of all SEO efforts is to rank as high on search engine results pages as possible.

There are many avenues available to achieve desired rank results for relevant keywords.  Although it can be a lengthy and work-intensive process to show on the first page of search results for desired or competitive keywords, it is well worth the hard work.

To prolong and complicate the ranking process even further, search engines frequently make changes to algorithms and penalize those websites that fail to abide by their rules.  The good news is that sought after SEO results can be achieved even for the most competitive keywords or complex websites.

Results achieved through proper SEO practices can provide lasting benefits to a website for a long time.

Ethical SEO Practices

SEO is a process that lasts for an extended length of time and is a top-notch online marketing strategy with multiple phases.  A common misconception about SEO is that it can and will provide radical overnight results, this is just simply not true.

Fast results are possible, but definitely not overnight. Do not make the mistake of believing otherwise.

Road sign to ethical Search Engine Optimization SEO practices.

Why? Because to achieve overnight results via SEO efforts, drastic restructuring of the website and a massive influx of inbound backlinks that point back to the website must occur.  These sudden overnight changes can only happen through unnatural link building efforts, a rule-breaking and unethical practice with serious negative consequences.  Search engines will be alerted to these improper SEO efforts in real time and take action against such offenders, such as banning the violators from search engine results.

Beware of SEO promises too good to be true and unethical SEO practices that back up these false promises.  It is not possible to guarantee rank position on any search engine without setting forth realistic expectations. Further, besides mere disappointment in results promised but unachieved, a website owner may be penalized for allowing unethical SEO practices to be done on their behalf.

Google: Champion of Relevance

Google recently made a number of in-house updates to its search engine algorithm and internal monitoring of unethical SEO practices, which it will only continue to enhance and improve upon.  The main reason for Google’s aggressive approach to regulating SEO practices is to improve search engine results to the online public.

A positive effect of their policing efforts is the reduction of spam websites, websites that make use of unacceptable SEO tactics, and websites that are irrelevant to search queries.

Examples of SEO tactics policed by Google include, but are not limited to:

  • No online SEO spamKeyword stuffing,
  • Nonsense text,
  • Backlink farming,
  • Reciprocal link strategies,
  • Automated blog commenting,
  • Duplicate content,
  • Unnatural link building, and
  • Much more.

Being uninformed of search engine updates which target unethical SEO tactics and practices is not an excuse!  Such lack of knowledge can irrevocably harm a websites’ online presence indefinitely.  This is not a game too Google.

Custom Search Engine Optimization Strategies by CHEGO

As with all online marketing efforts, a successful SEO strategy starts with a clear understanding of the website’s purposes, objectives, competition, and keyword research.

Our team at CHEGO creates a unique and custom SEO road map for every client we work with.  To facilitate the process we learn about our clients’ line of business and online goals.  Then we turn our sights on gathering as much data as possible about their website and top competitors.

We leverages data sources such as AdWords and Analytics to identify where the greatest opportunities lay for a business to meet its online goals. 

collage of search engine optimization related words.

We use proprietary reporting technology that unearths information on:

  • Top ranked competitors,
  • Backlinks,
  • Website code errors,
  • Keyword traffic estimations
  • Keyword values,
  • Onsite optimization reports,
  • Etc.

This data combined with an understanding of a client’s goals allows us to create a custom SEO strategy best suited for a business’s online needs.

Have a SEO Plan

Our strategists at CHEGO are able to craft actionable SEO plans that achieve top search engine results for both new and veteran websites.  Even if a business has just started its online presence with a brand new website, it is still possible to discover keywords to rank for online right out of the gate.

For a business with a veteran site that seeks to improve its rankings, we prioritize keywords and search queries based on the impact made on website traffic and the business’s bottom-line.

Set a SEO Budget

As with most things worth doing, there are hard costs associated to SEO efforts.  As such, it is important to factor a client’s available budget constraints when creating a SEO strategy.  Many times, the unfortunate reality is that an impracticable budget limits the speed, quality and amount of beneficial SEO tools and resources that can be applied to improve a website’s rank.

A well thought out SEO strategy has multiple phases that build upon one another.  In fact, it can be said that a proper SEO strategy is analogous to building a sturdy house.  A solid building foundation and framework will last for years and support future additions to the home.  Likewise, a well constructed website and quality SEO-rich content will ensure that a website’s SEO strategy will remain current for years and support reasonable future SEO efforts.

SEO budgets should be sustainable and potentially scalable.  It is no secret that quality search engine optimization services have become increasingly expensive.  Further, search engines are critical of link building practices that can be automated.

SEO Past & Present

In the past, building thousands of links at a time could be performed at minimal cost to the website owner and at the mere click of a button.  This is no longer true, as today search engines have the ability to:

  • filter out and analyze backlinks to a website;
  • evaluate the credibility and authority of backlinks;
  • better understand the contextual meaning of the content of websites from a macro and micro level;
  • reward websites that have backlinks from qualified and relevant/authoritative online sources;
  • determine the webpage score based on hundreds of algorithm factors;
  • devalue unqualified and irrelevant backlink sources;
  • filter “spam sites;”
  • evaluate geographic relevance;
  • keep track of online search users’ history and preferences;
  • provide custom search engine results per user;
  • provide higher quality search engine results to the public;
  • etc.

This added level of search engine complexity means more time and money must be set aside to create unique Search Engine Optimization strategies.  At the same time a properly executed search engine optimization strategy will set a business apart from the competition.  It can not be denied that a strong online presence is invaluable to the success of a business.

Start your SEO plan the right way, call or contact CHEGO today.