External Content Creation Strategies

Website Content Creation Venn DiagramContent creation of external site content is fundamental to any successful search engine optimization service or strategy.  In a nutshell, external content is any form of media (articles, pictures, movies, etc.) that is not hosted on the website it links directly back to and has not necessarily been created by or for the site owner.

External content creation has the potential to greatly benefit a website, if done right.  However, if improperly executed, a website owner runs the risk of harming their website’s online reputation and adversely affecting the authority of their site in the eyes of search engines.

The primary purpose of any external content creation strategy is to reach a target audience and, thus, drive quality search traffic to a website or webpage from offsite sources.

External content can drive additional online traffic to a site directly and/or indirectly.  Online traffic is diverted to a website or webpage indirectly when that site’s or page’s visibility is improved in search engine results.  Online traffic is directly sent to a site or page when users click on the embedded links in the external content that land them directly on that website or webpage.

Benefits of External Content CreationBenefits of External Content Creation

External content increases a website’s or webpage’s link popularity, an important factor in how search engines determine page rank.  The more link popularity a site or page has the more likelihood that their page rank score will increase.  Sites with higher page ranks are more visible in search engines results for relevant search queries.

The authority of a site is quantified by page rank on a scale of 0-10, a site with a 0 page rank score has little to no authority and a site with a page rank of 5+ is considered a strong authority by search engines.  Sites that have high page ranks show higher in search result and therefore have more traffic.

External content should be placed on sites with high page ranks as not only will the content be more visible, but the inbound links will carry more weight.  Such practice greatly increases the value of that external offsite content beyond the quality and relevancy of the content itself to the site.

Quality of Content Matters

Remember, under no circumstances should you sacrifice quality of content for number of links; you will be penalized as a spammer and potentially black listed from search engine results.  Placing content on well trafficked and authoritative sites does directly drive internet traffic to a website, as it is the content quality itself that is the actual driving force.

Never forget, this is a publishing process and the content placed on external sites is always in the public eye.  For this reason, external content should always be relevant to the purpose of the site and not merely for the purpose of gaining backlinks.

Relevant Content Only

Over the past several years search engines have been increasingly aggressive and successful in their war against spam and unethical SEO practices.  Search engines continue to improve their ability to better understand the actual meaning of content, as if they were human.  Today it is possible for backlinks derived from unethical search engine optimization practices to have serious consequences for a website, such as, being black listed from search results or loss of authority.

High quality external content pieces range from: articles, videos, images, infographics, press releases, etc.

A professional content creation &  placement strategy will focus on a blend of different types of content to meet the goal of driving high quality, relevant online traffic to the website.

Content Placement Strategy

Content Placement evidenced by a puzzle being completedContent Writing

Articles have traditionally been the backbone of external content strategies.  Articles may be informative pieces placed on information sites, news sites, or social media sites.

Tip: A popular content creation strategy with respect to articles is to regularly send out industry or company information press releases to news or blog websites in an effort to be featured for a specific topic or event.

Video Content Creation

Videos can, also, be a huge asset if done right and are usually placed on highly authoritative sites such as: YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe and many others.

Image Content Creation

Images are great supportive content in an article or press release, but are rarely standalone content; with the exception of infographics.

It is a complex and often meticulous process to build out an appropriate external content creation strategy.  To ease the burden, it is a wise decision on the part of any site owner serious about his or her online presence to consult with a search marketing professional before beginning any external content efforts.  A true marketing professional should take the time to fully understand the clients business or objectives.

Without such initial efforts there will be a level of disconnect between the external content that is created, the strategy that is pursued and finally online traffic that lands on the website. Poor or unethical external content writing efforts can leave an internet user feeling misled or worse deliver low quality internet traffic to the website, not to mention the penalties that search engines dispense.

Results that last

A well developed external content creation strategy will deliver lasting results and drive highly qualified traffic to a website.  There are many moving pieces in establishing a fluid content creation strategy that can be effectively maintained and built upon.

Business owners need to, also, keep in mind that any online marketing professional involved in the creation of an external content creation strategy should follow ethical practices, best practices and truly understands a website owner’s line of business or purpose for being online.

We at CHEGO take every effort to create the best and most relevant external content and strategies for our clients.  Contact or call us today to schedule time with one of our online marketing strategists.