Strategic Online Consultation Services

A wall of targets, all the targets are red except for one, which is green and has a arrow in its bullseye.Our strategic online consulting services give businesses a unique custom fitted online marketing strategy to choose from and are well suited for businesses that desire the best of both worlds: a professional online marketing agency and continuing efforts to strengthen their own in-house team.

When providing online consulting services our strategists have a clear cut mission: assist and mentor your in-house marketing team so that they can meet your online marketing objectives without the need for full outsourcing.  Through the use of our consultation services your online marketing efforts follow internet best practices without compromising the integrity of your secure data and confidential information.

In addition, you train and build upon the skills of your in-house team, while gaining high-level industry insight in the process.

Leverage our knowledge, limit marketing expenses and gain an edge over the competition by choosing us!

Reasons that businesses choose CHEGO

An in-house marketing team can be an extremely valuable business asset.  More often than not though, in-house marketing teams can become complacent, under experienced, out of touch with internet marketing best practices, and recklessly unaware of online marketing industry changes that must be addressed.

A lackadaisical marketing team affects a businesses bottom-line in many ways.  First, there is the cost of employment. Second, profits generated from advertising spend are potentially limited, which in turn decreases both sales and return on investment.  Do not let your business suffer from these ailments, there is a remedy: CHEGO.

Online Consulting Experts

Our consultation efforts start with a thorough review of your online business practices and marketing efforts, followed by a comprehensive knowledge transfer session.  This process fully allows us to understand your line of business and online goals.

Our review includes, but is not limited to:

Website Review

  • Call to Action
  • Shopping Cart / Lead Form Flow Analysis
  • Analytics Review
  • Onsite Code Review (HTML, CSS …)
  • Navigation Layout Review
  • Page Content
  • Etc.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing Review

  • Efficiency Analysis / Audit
  • Campaign Structure
    • Ad Group & Keyword Review
    • Ad Copy Review
    • Conversion Tracking Check
    • Etc.
  • Landing Page / Destination Page Review

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Review & Report

  • Onsite Content and Optimization Report
  • Search Engine Rank Position Report
  • Detailed Backlink Check Report
  • Internal Site Linking Structure Report
  • Internal Page Rank Report
  • Competitive Review
  • Social Media Review

Core Concentration

Two globes acting as gears, with a computer mouse remotely controlling the globes producing the words: Teamwork, profit, business, success, strategy, ideas, analysis.After our team clearly understands your business model, competition, customers, etc., the next step is to plan and layout an appropriate road map customized for the specific needs of your business.

We then train your in-house team in the online marketing skill sets necessary to achieve your online ambitions.

CHEGO, Inc. is a full service professional online marketing agency, thus you can choose to have us consult on all internet advertising aspects directly and indirectly related to your business or only on specific online marketing fields on a case-by-case basis as necessary.

We focus on online marketing areas, including but not limited to:

Give us a call or contact us today.  We offer fair rates and high quality service.  We look forward to scheduling time to speak with you to review current opportunities that exist online for your business.