Online Competitive Analysis

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer — Michael Corleone, The Godfather II.

Web-based business owners face a huge number of online competitors, often at a national or global level.  Old competition and new competition, alike, loom in the shadows waiting for an opportunity to impinge on a business’s market share; it’s the very nature of business – competition.  Of course with competition comes the age old risk that one day your competitors may leave you in the dust or worse take you out of the game completely.

As such, most business owners would agree – staying abreast of  a competitions’ online activities is vital to the success of a business, whether you like it or not.

To stay ahead of the competition in today’s rapidly changing business landscape, requires internet due diligence in addition to conventional risk management methods.  We conduct high-level internet due diligence on your behalf, which starts with an in-depth online competitive analysis and ends with a detailed competitive report.

Digital Due Diligence

An online competitive analysis takes time and industry insight to properly complete, which not everybody has.  We provide our clients with an excellent work product and useful information they can use to better their business.  Depending on a website owners online objectives, the nature of our in-depth competitive analysis will change accordingly.

A startup business or an existing business with a new website requires a different type of competitive analysis than a website or online business that has been around for many years.

Many online advertising channels

However, regardless of the type of competitive analysis provided, the first step our team takes is to have a meeting of the minds with the business owner and their team.  We make it our business to understand our client’s objectives and line of business.  This way we can truly provide you with excellent service.

There are many online advertising channels to choose from to effectively display your online marketing message.  Since online advertisers vie for top positions through keyword selection and bidding, learning what these keywords are or how they are used by the competition will help in the configuration of your own keyword selection and bidding strategy.  It is possible to compete organically, on paid search, on social media, or on a combination of internet platforms.

Information YOU Need to Know

Pie Chart analysisA few priority tasks that our strategists complete as part of the online competitive analysis are:

  • conduct thorough keyword research,
  • sweep the internet for competitor websites that display in top positions on search engine result pages,
  • analyze PPC marketing bid levels for words that a website owner wishes to target,
  • report on both organic and paid search marketing results.

All this and more is encompassed in our detailed competitive report, which we present to you after a thorough and diligent online competitive analysis.

Improve your online presence

Whether you are just starting out your internet presence or have a veteran website that has been around for many years online, it is extremely important to understand your competitions’ strategy; it can save you significant time and money.

Give us a call or contact us today to find out more about how an online competitive analysis can help your business be found online.