Online Marketing Audit

Do you know where you stand on the internet?  You should, it matters! With an online marketing audit from CHEGO, you will know.

Business woman drawing plan of an online marketing auditThe online marketplace is in a constant state of fluctuation.  New technologies are frequently introduced and incorporated into the existing marketplace.

New competitors step in and attempt to acquire market share.  The list is endless of incoming online marketplace variables that can effect an online business or website.

Know the condition of your online status

It is very important to know the condition of your online status and what must be done to maintain or improve it.  Failure to know the condition of your online status can negatively impact your business.

A comprehensive online marketing audit is one of the most affordable ways for site owners to take control of their online efforts.

With a professional online marketing audit of a business’s online efforts, website owners are able to asses the success of their online efforts across a range of internet specialties; even if not actively pursuing an internet strategy.  At CHEGO, we give our clients the option to choose from a complete full service online marketing audit or a la carte (choose a specific internet specialty or specialties) audit.

Internet Audit Options

We give site owners the option to pick and choose the individual auditing services that make the most sense for their business needs.  If you are a business that is unsure of what to look out for online, don’t worry our team will be happy to offer guidance and assistance.

Our program is specifically designed to help business owners make the most of their online marketing expenditures.  Even the most basic audits include reviews of analytics, search marketing tracking, keywords, website structure and functionality.  Advanced online audits include structured reviews of the following marketing efforts:

Online Marketing Audit Deliverables

Every business and website is different; and as such, every online audit is specifically created to suit the needs of a particular business or website.  There are some commonalities in the process we undertake and core reports that we provide, but otherwise our audits are customized to your particular business.

The CHEGO process

All CHEGO online marketing audits begin with an initial consultation and knowledge transfer, so that our online marketing audit of your website will meet your business’ needs and expectations.

Only after our team has attained a thorough understanding of your business and its goals, does our team begin to compile a written evaluation of your website and related advertising efforts.

The finished product includes detailed reports that range from 15 to 100’s of pages compiled from analytics, site review documents, link information.  The final and most important part of our online audit is an opinion letter with specific recommendations.  All online audits are private, confidential and custom tailored to the needs of the client.

Businessman filling out an online audit checklistOnline Marketing Audit Benefits

Our audits have helped our clients:

  • Save tens of thousands of dollars monthly,
  • Identify opportunities to grow their online operations,
  • Profitably reach new markets and customers,
  • Increase online & offline revenue,
  • Gain market share,
  • Increase return on investment,
  • Uncover unethical and damaging internet situations, and
  • Much more.

How To Get Started

We at CHEGO are here to help you achieve your online goals.  To get started on an online marketing audit of your business or website, contact or call us today.