Blog and News Websites

An orange RSS symbol with a globe and computer mouse to depict a blog or Blogs and news websites are used to publish news and information on the internet.  Such online publication is also known as content distribution.  Content distribution is critical to the success of any website because search engines reward content rich sites with greater authoritative ranking and display such websites more regularly in search engine results.

As a sub-domain or independent website?

Blogs and news sites can be independent websites focused solely on news or blogging or can be subdomains that add value to the parent-site through ongoing and relevant content distribution.

In the not so distant past, blogs and news websites were built and maintained by teams of in-house developers, all at great expense to the website owner.  Today there are many open source content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and others that circumvent the need for expensive systems and custom programmers.

In short, the advent of open source CMS technologies allows anyone to have their own internet publishing house.  Further, these CMS technologies are robust enough for enterprise level business use and more often than not the CMS framework is free.

Your own internet publishing house!

Equipment for a printing press

These CMS technologies utilize custom developed themes and installed plugins for additional functionality.  Once a CMS technology is up and running it will dynamically generate all of the code necessary to display content on an internet browser without the need for expensive page by page coding.

Among other benefits, CMS technology allows a content creation team to efficiently and independently contribute site-specific content as per their assigned role, without sacrificing website security to do so.  The next step is to publish and distribute the online content.

Publish & Distribute Online Content

Blog and news websites are excellent tools that help website owners easily distribute information and inexpensively promote their website using internal content.  Content creation strategies are best used over the long haul.  Because a blog or news website is the cornerstone of integrated social media efforts, professional assistance is highly recommended.

Take precautionary steps to protect your online image through well developed professional website content; as unprofessional content can wreck havoc on the perception of your website in the eyes of the online public and negatively affect other online advertising efforts.

From setting up a blog or news website, to initiating or auditing content creation efforts, we at CHEGO do it all.  To lean more, contact us, our professional and courteous staff will be happy to assist you.